Family Office

A Family Office is a third-party that centralizes estate planning and provides various financial-related services to make your and your families' lives easier.
Managing wealth requires seasoned experts, the right tools and reliable resources.  This is especially needed since each family member has unique demands, needs and resources.  Some of the benefits of using a Family Office to manage your wealth are:

  • Effective financial coordination and management of family assets
  • Coordination of various professional disciplines necessary to manage a family's financial affairs
  • Comprehensive income and estate tax planning and charitable giving
  • Introduction of wealth to the next generation in a controlled format
  • A sustainable family legacy built through a unifying entity

The services you require will be unique to your Family Office and may vary at times.  Some of the services we perform are:

  • Bookkeeping, tax return preparation, accounting services
  • Estate Planning (see above)
  • Income Tax planning
  • Investment analysis and oversight
  • Insurance assessment and management
  • Philanthropic giving and management
  • Family Retreats   

Due to the small size of our office, we can provide individualized services and consistent communication with you.  With your prior approval, some of the services we provide are actually performed by other professionals but under our guidance and review.  As an example, we do not directly manage your portfolio of assets but retain firms that are experts in the needed fields.