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Pawlan Law, LLC is a boutique law firm representing individuals and businesses throughout the United States.  Our experience in estate planning and business law allows us to be creative in blending the laws to coordinate your personal and business worlds.  We are unique in representing owners in conjunction with their businesses.
Very few transactions affect only one aspect of your life or business.  Even though a situation's influence in other areas may be subtle, there are often planning opportunities created.  We explore and analyze your transactions and present new and creative concepts that can be very beneficial to you.
When Mitchell Pawlan started the firm in 2001, his goal was to create a friendly and productive work environment that was stimulating, challenging and enjoyable.  He believes that one can only perform at their peak abilities when they love what they do, whether in play or at work and he has surrounded himself with like-minded people. This is the foundation of the firm’s philosophy for only then can one be successful no matter how success is defined.
We are very proud that Pawlan Law, LLC fosters our creativity and desire to practice law.  Our mission is to render high quality and result oriented services and establish long-term and multi-generational relationships with our clients and their families.  We are committed to providing traditional and innovative professional services to those we serve.
As reflected on the following pages, we have a great depth of knowledge and experience in various areas of law and how they can be used to enhance your needs.